How it started

Almost a year ago, Jen and I had a long talk and we realised that we wanted to see a bit more of the world before we settled down. We also realised that we didn’t have long before we would have to make some serious decisions so we decided now was the time to grasp the nettle, draw a line in the sand, seize the moment etc and bugger off around the world for eight months

We also decided to sell a load of our stuff that has accumulated over the years whether from childhood or from university or even previous homes.

We have also decided to give away 25% of all sales proceeds to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. My mum battled with this disease and I know how hard it can be for the friends and families of those who suffer so hopefully this money can help in a small way future sons, daughters, brothers and sisters and all those affected by MND.

This site exists because I thought it would be nice to document how it all went and put up stories I remember/encounter along the way as various items from our past appear in our present. It will then in six months time turn into our travel blog so friends and family can find out what we are doing.

That’s it for now, time to sort out the site.