Lake Titicaca and MP Booked!

Lake Titicaca

After months of umming and ahhing we have made the first booking of our trip around the world! A two day, 1 night trip around Lake Titicaca where we get to see the floating islands, meet some local families and stay with one for the night. We’ll walk up to the Pachatata Temple which is some 4,200m above sea level and should offer some epic views of the lake and the floating islands. We’ll also be able to look out at the Andes in trepidation of our next adventure.

Andean Explorer

After Lake Titicaca we take an awesome train trip from Puno to Cusco which should knock seven shades of something out of the tube journey into work every day. It’s something like 10 hours so a little longer than a tube trip but considering the views it looks well worth it. The alternative was a slightly shorter minibus/coach trip but really didn’t fancy sitting cramped in a coach for that long a time. Ultimately we went with advice from previous visitors who had done the train and loved it.

Machu Picchu/Salkantay Trek

Then it’s a couple of days in Cusco before taking a five day, four night trek to Machu Picchu following the Salkantay trek route rather than the Inca Trail. Mainly because the Inca Trail was all booked up but in hindsight the route looks awesome so should be a tasty trip nonetheless.

Both of our trips have been booked with Alpaca Expeditions and their service has been awesome so far with Bonnie the email warrior coming through for us with some good advice. Fingers crossed everything is as good on the ground as it is over the internet. Heartily recommend their booking process! Oh and they are the no.1 rated agency according to Trip Advisor so that bodes well…

That’s all for now.