Map of our Trip

As the title says this is a map that plots out our trip around the world. (If you click on the map it gets a lot bigger!)

We start in South America, taking in Rio de Janeiro where we will spend our two year wedding anniversary. We then head to Iguassu Falls which we will hopefully be able to see from both the Brazil side and the Argentinian side.

After that we are off to Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu followed by the Galapagos Islands. All of this in under four weeks so it will be a pretty urgent start to our trip.

Then we go:


Hong Kong


New Zealand (arriving hopefully October 25th I think)





Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

China (southern China and then up to Chengdu to check out some Pandas)

Tibet (we arrive at the beginning of April and generally they open up the place after the March revolutions just in time for us to arrive but we will see!)

Nepal to trek the Himalayas for a few weeks