Brisbane, Byron Bay and further south to Sydney

We left Noosa after one more night with me limping and Jen doing her best impression of a sympathetic wife. Luckily we didn’t have much to do for the next few days as we were making a bee line for Sydney. We did have a few nights on the way South though as we stopped in Brisbane, Byron Bay and then Port Macquarie (for about 12 hours).

We arrived in Brisbane as the England cricket team were taking another pounding from those “fearsome” Aussies. With my foot in a bad way we decided to split up a little bit so after making our way to the South Bank Jen went walking about to explore whilst I made some friends with a few other poms in the bar watching the cricket. All was going well until Joe Root was inexplicably given out. Jen came back with news that there was a live carol singing going on with some Australian Pop Factor Idol Big Brother winner or something. He was terrible and it started hailing down so we ran for food!


We left for Byron Bay in the morning aboard another Greyhound bus which we were getting quite adept at by now. We had two nights in Byron Bay that were largely filled with eating well and walking around a bit. We had two tapas meals with the first one up on a balcony watching the sunset. During the day we took off for a walk around the lighthouse ad bumped into Ash who was dressed up like a caterpillar and about to jump off the cliff on a hang glider. After a pregnant pause he was off. Pretty sure he survived. We had another lovely tapas meal in the evening as we said goodbye to Byron Bay.

Ash getting ready for take-off
Not nervous at all
He's walking in the air...!

We spent one night in Port Macquarie as we sought to break up the trip to Sydney. There is very little to add to that in all honesty. Oh we ate some Thai food.